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Industrial Tires

Industrial Tires
For low cost per hour, resistance to flats and long tire life, discover more about the MICHELIN® line of industrial radial tires. Whether they’re on forklifts, transport equipment, fire and rescue vehicles or logging trucks, MICHELIN industrial tires are designed to increase uptime and improve profitability. Featuring innovative tread designs in an array of sizes, MICHELIN industrial tires are engineered for maximum performance.

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Trelleborg is a leading supplier with a wide range of industrial tires for material handling equipment, fork-lifts and other industrial applications.

ContiRT20 Performance: The New Standard in Power and Durability. Many companies that handle lumber, block, brick, pipe and steel are willing to pay a premium to switch from bias-ply tires to Continental’s industrial radials— particularly for their larger forklifts. But while Continental industrial radials consistently satisfy these demands for fewer flats and longer, cooler operation, market conditions now demand that industrial tires provide even greater puncture resistance, increased lateral stability and greater potential for retreading. The ContiRT20 Performance meets all of these demands.

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We offer industrial tires with high durability and perfect grip through our brands Bergougnan, Monarch, Rota and Trelleborg.


Introducing the 12N16.5 MICHELIN® X-Tweel SSL

A non-pneumatic mobility solution, designed for use with all skid steer loaders


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